My next solo show, featuring a host of new work, will be at DaVinci Art Alliance (704 Catharine Street Philadelphia PA 19147; November 7 through 28, 2018, and it is titled Solid Universe Theory.

The name comes from an idea explored in a short story by writer Cixin Liu, about beings in another universe coming to an understanding that their theory of reality is entirely wrong -- that the solidity they see all around them is not infinite, but exactly the opposite.

They live within a small gap in a solid world of rock and take the solidity they see as the state of all things in the universe. But they discover in time that, actually, their solid world is floating in infinite, empty space. The story explores how they work to create a physics that aligns with this new reality, and how they explore it and make meaning of and for themselves within it.

I read the story as a metaphor for many things, not least of which is the experience of meaning making in a time where things in the world around us seem suddenly and radically different to the past. But it is applicable at the personal level as well, as a metaphor for the ‘solid universe’ encountered any time one approaches a canvas (or any material we use in creating) and how you transform it with your own unique physics.

By martha

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